The Chama Account is a product tailored to suit the needs of investment groups/ ‘chamas’ that increases accountability and trust within your Chama.

Joining Requiremnts:
  • A written resolution (minutes) by members to join Nation Sacco
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company’s PIN certificate
  • Entrance fee of kshs. 1000
  • Relevant signing mandates with appropriate identification documents
  • A copy of the constitution of the group
Chama Credit Info:
  • The Chama will need to have saved for at least 6.
  • Maximum Loan amount is Kes15,000,000 subject to a maximum 5X group savings, ability to repay and collateral to be issued
  • Maximum Loan tenure 36 months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Access to free Chama workshops on a quarterly basis
  • Group members who are individual members of Nation Sacco can co-guarantee the Group Loan